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​​Promoting Balanced Lifestyles


America’s beverage companies know that you want more choices to help reduce the sugar in your diet. That’s why we support their innovations to bring you more options. You’ll find a wider selection of reduced-calorie beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, plus a greater variety of portion sizes to support your efforts to find balance.

As part of the Clear on Calories Initiative, launched in 2010 in support of the “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign, beverage manufacturers added an easy-to-read calorie label to the front of every can, bottle and pack we produce. The labels display the total calories per container on beverages 20 ounces or smaller. For containers larger than 20 ounces, calories are labeled per 12 ounces in most cases. On vending machines, calorie labels are right on the buttons to make it easier to choose the beverage that’s right for you.

Because children are still learning about healthy choices, leaving them more vulnerable, the American Beverage Association, of which we are a part, spearheaded a movement to replace high calorie beverages in school with lower-calorie or smaller-portion options.

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